Taiwan Network Information Center
Stakeholder Survey 2019

Organizational Performance Summary

  • TWNIC maintains exemplary and diverse communications channels ensuring outstanding interchange with all interlocutors.

    Regardless of the results of the questionnaire and interviews, the reasons for the performance of the satisfaction are not only the good interaction with TWNIC, but also the evaluation of "Good partners" or "Closer relationships" from cooperation.
  • We deploy pragmatic and organized leadership implementation, while leading an organizational culture of excellence.

    International organization stakeholders have affirmed TWNIC's leadership style with clear positioning and steady progress, actively seeking international network resources and cooperation opportunities. Internally assisting and supporting government-related business units in a mission-oriented manner to promote related matters.
  • We offer benchmark technology capabilities and technical support competencies.

    TWNIC has a solid technical foundation and deep support experience, and continues to provide quality services in the restructuring of business management. After the TWCERT / CC joined this year, TWNIC expand its capabilities to cyber security and related affairs, and provide more complete services and closer partnerships to their stakeholders.

Satisfaction by Stakeholders

Future Opportunities

Cooperation and Collaboration

We aim to strengthen interactions and collaborations among social networks, enhance social group contact density, and foster the role and voice of TWNIC in the internet ecology.


Technical cooperation and technology transfer are the most direct and expeditious forms of continuous, committed collaboration with international stakeholders.


TWNIC aims to strengthen its comparative advantages, value, and differentiation, urging relevant stakeholders to proactively engage TWNIC in cooperation efforts.

Comprehensive Planning Security Blueprint

Domestically, serve as Taiwan information security blueprint planning and organizational role. Internationally, work with International stakeholders and prioritize breakthrough objectives and targets.

Establishing Short-term, Medium-term, and Long-term Objectives

Domestically: Establish competitive advantages and strengths and unique characteristics complementary to each stakeholder Internationally: Ensure value and positioning in respect of international stakeholders


Mutual Trust and Confidence

  • Current trust and reliability level evaluations are excellent, but in such an increasingly more complex environment, ensuring mutual trust and confidence requires greater cultivation and maintenance of such relations
  • Mutual trust and confidence includes enhancing awareness and visibility, and establishing a secure and certain sense of trust

Education and Training

  • Enhancing industry and information security literacy and understanding: investments in industry and public education to enhance internet related knowledge and threat or risk awareness
  • Thereby ensuring the TWNIC service emphases are both commonly known and reflect what the market desires.


  • Appreciate industry requirements, to foster win-win or multi-win cooperative relations
  • Proactively seek out cooperative partners facing shared challenges and issues, and as a priority, build partnerships with prospective entities aiming for long-term cooperation.


  • Industry information and information security related intelligence is imperative for the existence and survival of the relevant industries, and if we can deploy continuous provision of industry information and outreach efforts, we will be able to enjoy excellent communication channels with the Taiwan marketplace