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Smooth Communications and Interactions, Provided Complete Support

Stakeholders all agreed that from their communication and interaction with the Center, not only was support provided, full support was also given for problems and needs that they had. Interactive discussion processes were also retained before new policies were released and they listened to the opinions of registrars fully.

Our current interactions were quite good; they fully help with any problems that we have whether or not it was technical. We can continue working with them right now.

High Service Usage Rate, Passionate Participation in Events

In terms of service usage, stakeholders had high usage rate of educational training and publications provided by the Center and they praised the service contents. Not only did they have high attendance in events, they also thought highly of the trend descriptions and communication experiences provided in the events. They also recommended that Taiwan domain name user research reports should be continuously provided in the future to help registrars promote their businesses.

The publications and community services based on their Center are all pretty great; they continuously provide new knowledge and information because they have information from different companies. They can perform analysis on domain users.

Working on marketing and educating to activate business and increase market share

All stakeholders mentioned changes in market demand for domain names; due to the flourishing of social media, SMEs now have lower demands for websites and this also reduced their need to apply for domain names. Therefore, TWNIC needs to do more to make market demands more active, including using preferential marketing to increase registration rate such as discount activity promotions for newly established companies, etc. However, stakeholders also unanimously mentioned that low-price promotions should not be the only consideration; the business mode of registrars should also be considered. For example, registrars can be introduced to companies with newly registered domain names to provide follow-up maintenance or management services or use cross-industry integration to increase business opportunities, etc. Some registrars mentioned service to obtain information security certifications; in the past, the application of domain name and the certification had to be applied from two units, but they both needed similar documents to be submitted. In the future if TWNIC and provide one-stop service, it can reduce the operating procedures for registrants and there are opportunities to increase the business income of the Center.

Assume that my client wants to apply for a domain name and it can be bound with the access certification, this way I wouldn’t have to apply with two different units and this will become an extended service where my product business can be bound with domain names.

In addition, the stakeholders also mentioned that besides using preferences to increase registration rates. They also expect TWNIC could work on educating the market on the need for domain names and trying to learn more about the users’ needs and considerations, solving the problem of the continuously decreasing demand for domain names.

First, push the concept of Taiwan domain names to corporate users, decision-makers and business owners in Taiwan; perform more promotions and education. Marketing should be more open and don’t tell us what you think we can do.

Complete Service Adjustment and Planning, Smooth Conversion Connects with International Trends

TWNIC made some modifications to the policies and systems (hereinafter referred to as new system) to the ".tw/.台灣" domain name at the beginning of 2020; the survey asked stakeholders about how they felt about the pushing of the new system and how they were affected by the changes in interface technology. Generally speaking, the stakeholders thought that the pushing process of the new system was quite smooth, the releasing of information was complete and unobstructed discussions were provided to allow registrars to have sufficient time to prepare for the integration, and successfully integrated the new system technologies.

System conversion did not start this year; every detail was previously discussed and thoughtful discussions were previously held until we finally decided on the direction and policy. We then began and asked the technical department for support and the entire process was quite OK.

Their responses on the impact of the system interface technology changing from API to EPP for the new system were also quite positive. Stakeholders think that the new system is the global standard and the modification this time can help Taiwan connect to international standards; it also helps eliminate the loopholes generated from the coexistence of the two interfaces API and EPP in the past.

Out of the past 20 years, Taiwan used API for 15 years and this was not the international standard. When the new CEO Kenny came to TWNIC, he said that we had to keep up with international standards and that made us slightly relieved. Otherwise in the last 15 years there were two interfaces for our technology, and there were many technical bugs because of the coexistence of two interfaces.

Expect More Active Development, Solicit Opinions and Make Corrections

Suggestions that domain name registrars have for TWNIC include two directions; one is that their marketing strategies must be clear and they must actively target the overseas markets and the second is that they should solicit different opinions and make corrections and establish smooth report channels.

First of all, their marketing strategies must be clear. They cannot allow local registrars in Taiwan be affected in this environment. Their overseas strategies must be clear and they need to resolve the problem of double standards; they will not do well in overseas markets if they don’t solve this problem. Screen reader support enabled.

Finally, they also expressed their support for surveying stakeholders. They think this is a great channel to share experience and communicate with customers or partners and they wish that strategies can be corrected properly based on the feedbacks, including providing smooth communication channels and also providing complaint and feedback channels.

I think suggestions to NIC is quite precious, they put in a lot of effort working on this. We give them feedback on follow-up processes and we hope that they don’t just use it to finish reports; I wish that NIC can also actually give us feedback on how they plan to make corrections.

Domain Name Registrant

Service Usage and Satisfaction

The number of registrant surveys who used domain names with TWNIC domain names in the past year recalled was 1,534 surveys. A total of 91 valid samples were collected from the registrants who registered or used Chinese domain names with Chinese .tw/.台灣 in the past year. Consolidated analysis of domain name registrants (a + b) totaled 1,625 valid samples where domain name registrant (1) consists of 94.4% and Chinese domain name registrants (b) consists of 5.6%. According to the usage of domain name registration, 82.5% registrants are for business, corporate and (26.0% for personal uses.

The most frequently used service is the main business "using the domain name registration system" (61.8%); there were no differences between company organization and individual registrants. The second frequently used service is the "DNS resolution service/Whois" (38.3%) where individual registrants used it more often; similar to "browsing website and blog of the Center," they were both used more by individual domain name registrants. On the other hand, "phone, email and online customer service" were used more by company organization domain name registrants. These showed that besides services for registration businesses, individual domain name registrants have more need for information whereas company organization domain name registrants used communication services more often.

Source: Online Survey (2020)

The one with the highest satisfaction level was the "DNS resolution service/Whois" at 80.4% and the next highest was the service with the second highest usage "participate in TWNIC seminars;" this had the second highest satisfaction at 78.6%. This shows that even though not many people participated, they were very satisfied with the interactions during the seminars.

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Evaluation of the Overall Satisfaction and Value Perceptions

When it comes to the overall satisfaction evaluation of domain name registrants to the Center, over half of them gave positive evaluations whether or not it was for "service quality" or "technical support," including 69.8% who are satisfied with the "service quality" provided by the Center and 64.3% were satisfied with the "technical support."

Judging from the satisfaction evaluation of "company organization domain name registrants" and "individual domain name registrants," "company organization domain name registrants" gave higher satisfaction scores. According to the satisfaction level of domain name registrants (a + b) categorized by the registration system, "domain name registrants (a)" gave higher satisfaction scores.

Besides the overall satisfaction level, trust and value experience evaluation indices were also added; 75.8% thought that "I trust TWNIC" and 72.8% agreed that "services provided by TWNIC are valuable to my business.

"Company organization domain name registrants" had better trust and value experiences and they agreed with these more than "individual domain name registrants." According to the satisfaction level of domain name registrants (a + b) categorized by the registration system, "domain name registrants (a)" also gave higher satisfaction scores similar to the scores for satisfaction.

Service Quality

Technical Support

Trust to TWNIC

Value of TWNIC Service

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Influence from ".tw/.台灣" Policy Adjustment

In 2020, the adjustments made by TWNIC to existing policies for ".tw/.台灣" domain names. Generally speaking, registrants felt neutral about the impact of policy adjustments on .tw/.台灣 domain name registrants. Judging from the various items, almost 30% were positive impacts for the adjustment of application conditions for "" This policy incorporated more application conditions for legally established and registered users with commercial behaviors to adopt the type, allowing more units that want to register to be able to apply for domain names. The second highest positive impact was the application conditions for foreigners to register for "," where document-free review mechanisms were restored; this will be more convenient for registrants. There was over 20% negative impact for "" and "" to be registered separately and cancelling the existing automatic matching mechanisms.

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Participation in Events and Expectations and Preferences

For future expectations of events, "provide online video review" (61.8%) was the highest, and next was "allow downloading of forum or course content briefings" (54.1%); both had more than 50% expectations. Compared to providing more functions, such as real-time translation and live streaming, or added-value, such as providing certificate of completion, expecting that contents can be saved is more important.

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Information Service

When it comes to how often registrants pay attention to the network issues released by the Center, 39.4% indicated that they "follow occasionally" and 29.7% "rarely follow," and the most common reasons why they followed was because they wanted to "keep up with internet news" (62.9%). When asked about issues that they expect in the future, 53.4% thought that there "more varied perspectives" and 47.8% thought that there should be "a wider range of topics." This showed that registrants indeed have higher expectations for information contents.

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Reasons for Attention

n %
To keep up with Internet news 858 62.9%
Work requirements 806 59.0%
Personal interest 422 30.9%

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Issues Expected

n %
More varied perspectives 868 59.0%
A wider range of topics 776 47.8%
More active publicity or advocacy 754 46.4%
More topics I want to learn about 528 32.5%

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Expectations and Recommendations

Over half of the registrants think that the first item that needs to be improved on for Taiwan’s .tw/.台灣 country code top-level domain name is "market awareness" (50.3%) and the next is "integration services" (29.2%).

Source: Online Survey (2020)

Recommendations of Market Awareness

Among the respondents who chose to improve market awareness first, over 40% chose "increase exposure/not popular enough/marketing." Currently, the .tw/.台灣 market is not popular enough and only some professionals know about it; they think that the popularity should first be increased in order for it to be possible to have more users. Therefore the focus should be on promoting the advantages of .tw/.台灣 whether it is marketing through commercials, educational training or seminars.

Recommendations of Integrated Services

Among the respondents who chose that integration services need to be adjusted first, 40% thought that the most important thing is to have "more comprehensive services/integration services;" in addition to domain name registration needs, registrants also wish there can be more services including various hosting services, domain name protection and website establishment related resources that should be integrated into the various services of the Center or have multiple supporting plans for stakeholders to choose from.

Recommendations of Registration Policies

The most common reason why respondents chose that integration services need to be adjusted first was because of "registration process optimization;" they wish that registration processes can be faster and more convenient and that the registration procedures can be easier and smoother.

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